Blog post #3 | The gaming community

During my time as a social media gamer and by that I mean realizing there was a community of people out there just as passionate about gaming and collecting merch as myself, I have had my eyes opened to a whole new world. It started off with Instagram, I had your regular instagram where I would occasionally post the odd picture of my collections or gaming life but it was often looked past because the people following me or I followed, weren’t into that so I more often that not just posted a picture of my food, or the norm day to day life.

But one day, I started using gaming hashtags, looking for others using the same hashtags and following them, eventually I had a small group of gamers on my follow list who would chat from time to time about their game preferences and what Funko Pops they had collected, it was nice! I felt accepted. Eventually, that following grew and grew as I followed more gamers and gaming pages and now I feel I am part of one big, awesome community of people just like me, much like a cook fanatic would use cooking hashtags or a hair dresser, or car fanatic, so on so forth.

Right about now, I have an increasing number of people supporting me on my journey to wherever I plan on heading, which as of September is back to college to study Game Design, Game narrative writing and journalism. From there, I am heading for a job in the gaming industry, big dreams! I’m willing to give it my best shot. If I have to move out of the county I live in then so be it.

I recently in the last few months got a Twitter, which has been so handy for getting each blog post I write into a wider audience with people retweeting, I find my posts get a handful more views when I post them on Twitter so each of these social media accounts are helpful in gaining more eyes on the website. This is where the hard work comes into things, being active and replying to people best I can on our social media pages, questions people have and discussions people would like to start, it’s tough to keep up with sometimes but it’s so incredibly rewarding when we get so many positive kind messages from people appreciating what we do.

All of this doesn’t come without it’s cons however, there are always some not so supportive people who will try and message you ‘hate’ but that comes with a social media following, for anyone with followers in the 100’s or the 1,000’s. There will always be something about what you do, what you write, what you say that somebody will try and rip you down for. But the great thing about that is, messages can be ignored. People can be blocked, Life does go on. My main issue is with people wanting to play online, despite me not feeling comfortable gaming online with people who aren’t immediate friends of mine, It’s just how it goes, that’s my personal choice. I am a major RPG player so I would prefer to wander the wasteland or play a campaign of a game therefore my time spent online on fps multiplayer games is only every now and then. However that’s the only issue I’ve had in the community, other than the occasional rude message or mean comment, which are easy enough to delete, I have had such an amazing time talking to so many new people, sharing my passion and giving my posts a chance of getting out there for more to see.

I think my key to doing what I do, is staying active, the time of day I post, the content I post and the time I take to reply to people and create discussions and conversations via my pictures or tweets. I occasionally take a break here and there to focus on myself, because self care is so important when you’re trying to push yourself to get somewhere, it can get overwhelming at times so taking a few days to sit it out and breathe, is good for the mind. Those who are still there when I come back from my breaks, are the real MVP to me, I absolutely adore so many of my now friends, who have been there from the word go. I can only hope that this story progresses and my journey continues along the right path.

I’ll take this opportunity, to thank each and everyone of our WordPress followers, anyone following us outside of WordPress and our supporters in general, You are valued by us an incredible amount, we genuinely wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the encouragement and support you show us. Hard work will pay off, we can’t wait to see what happens in the future. Slow and steady wins the race! Things take time, which gives us plenty of room for improvement and growth. Anyway, I digress. I’ll leave it here for today.



8 thoughts on “Blog post #3 | The gaming community

  1. Welp it’s been a fantastic pleasure stumbling on to your instagram and this website. You definitely have the creative persona to take on storybuilding. I personally can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.


    • Thank you dude! I really appreciate it, I was always exceeding at school in English due to my epic story writing, so I’ve always known it’s been something of a skill of mine. I am excited for us too! It’s going to be fun πŸ™‚


  2. Great post and you’re welcome! I know especially as a fellow girl gamer that sometimes things can get overwhelming. I love that you are staying positive and not letting yourself get detoured by the haters and trolls. I really enjoy reading the posts from the both of you and I continue to look forward to your content. Have a fantastic weekend!
    -Luna πŸ™‚


    • Thank you for your comment! I wanted to touch on the girl gamer situation, but I’d be there for hours putting my point across and I think It can cause backlash, but being a female gamer has it’s struggles that’s for sure. I appreciate your kind words a great deal, thank you again πŸ™‚ – Jet

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  3. Great post. It seems we have similar career aspirations.

    Writing for and about games has been such a rewarding experience for me and I hope it’s the same for you.

    Passion will carry you through.



    • It’s a great deal of fun along with rewarding, I never imagined we’d be growing as quickly as we are and I can only see awesome things heading our way, It’s a risky yet exciting career path to take. I’m enjoying every second so far! – Jet


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