E3 2017 | What to expect

E3 2017 is drawing ever closer, on June 13th-15th we will all be glued to the live broadcasts at ridiculous times of the morning (For us UK watchers) with energy drinks and snacks to hand, ready to be blown away and fist pump the air when they announce something we’ve wanted for so long, for me that would be Fallout 5 or Elderscrolls 6. Anything Bethesda does tickles my fancy so here’s hoping.

If you have not watched an E3 conference before, I highly suggest you make 2017 the year you do. Each year the gaming world grows into something spectacular, new graphics engines being used, new genres of games coming about and sequels we never thought we had along with exclusives we all want to get our hands on such as Death Stranding and Prey which look absolutely amazing. It feels like not long ago it was the 2016 conference and I was sat watching Bethesda’s broadcast at some stupid time of the morning and getting so excited but having nobody to scream to about it, but you guys will be my outlet this year, so be ready for a horde of update posts on the night!

In 2016 we saw the announcement of the Nintendo Switch and Project Scorpio, two very exciting developments in the console world. Nintendo had a lot to offer in the Pokemon community with Pokemon Go making it’s debut last summer, Pokemon Sun and Moon which became the fastest selling Pokemon games by a long stretch.

Sony threw out new consoles and the PSVR along with some majorly breathtaking exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Death stranding as I have mentioned. We had the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro announced and put on sale. I have previously discussed mid-term console jumps in my Project Scorpio post if you want to read my opinions on that. So let’s bring it over to this year and what we can expect from the E3 conference.

What we can expect/What we want:


Nintendo – With the Switch being released very soon, we can expect Nintendo to ramp up the hype with new game releases on the switch and showing us the potential of it’s new handheld console, as there have been expectations of Fallout being able to run on the switch, which would have me sold immediately.


Sony – I personally think we can expect more exclusives, although two already in 2017 and the talk of The Last of us 2, I think they’re going to push another out there, if not I’m thinking a remaster of something. I’m not a huge fan on remasters and didn’t quite get that nostalgic feel over Naughty Dog’s announcement of  Crash Bandicoot but give me the right game and I’ll be all for a remaster. In terms of software/tech Sony have pushed the boat out already with the two new consoles and VR and frequently releasing new colors of PS4 controllers. We could probably expect to see an appearance from the one and only Hideo Kojima, he’s a huge asset to the Sony name and I feel they enjoy putting him on screen to get us standing up in our living rooms cheering him on tweeting his every move and hanging off his every word, the mans a god! I feel they’ll also be pushing out more VR games, lots of us are expecting a VR Spiderman game developed by Insomniac studios, with the  Spider-man Homecoming film on it’s way. We can expect a big announcement that’s for sure, that’s what Sony does!


Microsoft Xbox – With last years announcement of the One S and Project Scorpio, we probably aren’t getting a software development this year, but It’s likely they’re going to broaden their explanation of the Scorpio. Showing us what games are going to be released first and the quality in game play, showing us exactly what this super console is capable of. There is much hope for a Master chief collection Remaster with 4K. As Halo Wars 2 is being released in 2017, we can’t expect huge developments with Halo but you never know, we love a good surprise! Halo 6 maybe?

Game devs:

We would all like to hear some new announcements from our favorite game developers as I’ve mentioned, Bethesda being mine along with Kojima Productions, I’m partial to a good EA release and occasionally I like a bit of Naughty Dog!

My predictions are as follows:
– Battlefront DLC or a new Battlefront all together/New Star Wars game from EA. DLC for Battlefield 1 but not am announcement for a new game.
Bethesda – Fallout 5 or Elderscrolls 6, or if my previous predictions are totally wrong, then we could be looking at Fallout New ‘something’ with Obsidian. I’d like to say we are getting a Dishonored 3 but with the previous gap between 1 and 2 I think I’m being a little ambitious.
Ubisoft – An Assassins Creed game, revamped or a whole new story and feel of the game, new game play style and settings.
Activision – A new Call Of Duty game taking it back in time, a prediction of many given their latest talk of giving people what they want. I didn’t hate IW but It would be good to see a World at War 2.
Bungie – Can we expect a Destiny 2? I really hope so! New stories, new planets, maps and enemies is just what we need, after 4 DLC additions, I think it’s time Bungie switched it up a little and gave us a fresh new canvas.

That’s all I have for now, my predictions are probably way off but it’s worth a shot! I would love to see so many things, but these things take time, as agonizing as the wait for a new game can be, it will be worth it much like Dishonored 2 was worth it for me, the excitement of that announcement was real but the wait was painful! And expensive, I didn’t want to miss out on the collectors edition, I have a feeling that will be happening this year with new game announcements too, A Fallout or ES6 would mean more collectors editions, eek! Gaming is an expensive hobby.

Thank you all for reading, let me know your predictions in the comments!

– Jet

6 thoughts on “E3 2017 | What to expect

  1. Awesome post and predictions! I myself am super excited for Project Scorpio. I really love Xbox more than PS4 s I’m chomping at the bit for more information. I am also very interested in the games that will be releasing for Nintendo Switch as right now really only the Zelda game sticks out in my mind. Hopefully more information and an actual release date for Red Dead Redemption 2 will be announced soon as well.


    • I have recently jumped onto Xbox a lot more than before, I have had a PS4 since it’s release and didn’t play anything other than, but at christmas I decided to rekindle my love for the xbox and now for me, they’re two consoles on par with one another but just different qualities, no two features are the same and I think having the two to switch from is refreshing. I’m not a huge nintendo fan and I leave that to Nintendom in her writing but the switch has got my attention for sure. I’m also really wanting more info on scorpio which I think we will get for sure, even some game play examples. Thank you for your comment as always Luna! 🙂
      – Jet

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      • You’re welcome! I have both systems as well. My friends really wanted me to get the PS4 so I had to oblige. Both systems are great, I just prefer Xbox. But I love some of the exclusives for PS4 as well so having both systems works out great in the long run. The hardest decisions for me are the which platform to get cross platform games on :).


  2. I’m interested to see what Sony does with their VR tech and which games they start to push out for the new hardware. I’d also be interested to see what Nintendo does in regards to announcing games, now that the Switch is already appearing to be a popular console. They can’t tip their entire hand, as Nintendo is known for keeping their eyes on the long lifespan of the console and not the flash-in-the-pan release, but I think if they just announced a few more interesting games they’d persuade some of the “wait and see” folks (like me) to jump on board.


  3. I can’t wait for E3 2017! Someday I’ll be there. Not sure how, or when, but it will happen! Now about Prey, I played the original when it first came out, and I was disappointed with the new one coming out. All the changes they made, then I read that it’s not related to the original, but a “reimagining” as they put it. Okay, I’m excited again. As for Destiny 2, unless I read wrong, Bungie did confirm it! I’m sure there will be a huge announcement for it at E3.

    As Athena said above, if Nintendo releases some awesome games for the switch, I’ll definitely be buying it. The last handheld system I bought was their Legend of Zelda 3DS, so I think I’m due for a new one.
    Great predictions and post! Keep it up🖤


  4. I think Nintendo needs a massive E3 if it hopes to turn the tide on the negativity that the Switch is currently dealing with. I think we were expecting more from them after the WiiU’s slow decline over the last 2 years and so far we’ve got a Zelda game that’s available on the previous hardware, a Splatoon sequel and a Mario game that is ‘scheduled’ for the holiday season.

    If they want to shift units, they need to get people interested, and at the moment I’m not sure they are.


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