Being a Gamer

A Gamer is a Gamer

Gamers come in many different shapes, sizes and style and by that I mean, your local butcher… he might be a MLG. Your local Hairdresser, she might dabble in some  Call of Duty from time to time. Heck, I’m going to say it, your mates gran might smash some Mario Bro’s here and there. The long and short of it, there is no criteria, there is no check list as to what makes you a gamer. I feel people expect you to look like this when they hear you over headset, or behind the scenes of the gaming posts (Of course, I’m joking)

(Jenkins, South park Episode Make love not Warcraft)

To this day, I see various comments and messages send throughout the gaming community such as: “You only play Fallout 4? Hardly a real gamer!” or “Your K/D is Sh*t, you’re not even a gamer!” I actually find it hard to believe such things still get said but they do! The struggles of being a gamer are completely real, there is a stigma surrounding it. Throughout my journey launching Twogirlsgaming I frequently have older generations asking me “Uh, So what is it you’re hoping to achieve?” Despite informing them of the possibilities of working in the gaming industry, for Game Development companies, Press staff for Game companies, Journalists which travel to various Cons documenting and vlogging, there are so many paths that can be taken but often, it goes right over their heads. Sometimes people fail to look at who already works in these industries, that they are real jobs!

Gaming for a career

Heading for a gaming career is something you have to throw yourself into full force, everyone has to start at the bottom, that’s the way careers, jobs and promotions go, we all start at the same level and to progress we have to strengthen, grow and gain confidence, which will lead to you ultimately prospering. Starting off in the industry is essentially a self employed situation apart from you won’t be making any money, you’re unlikely to make money for up to two years of growing, not because you aren’t good enough but because success on the internet is widely gained through building a reputation which takes time and patience along with hard work, but here I am purely talking about if you are running a gaming blog and/or gaming YouTube channel. For example Two Girls Gaming has been live for around 6 months and we are not yet monetizing our social media and likely won’t be for quite some times, for now we are learning and growing, taking our time and enjoying the steady pace we are at.

However you decided to approach a gaming career path, don’t be afraid to grab that bull by the horns, invest in yourself and it will pay off. Passion and hard work will reap it’s rewards. I went into TGG with a gaming knowledge and a passion for writing, put those two together and you have a fine recipe for a gaming blog! From there on, it progressed and over the next few years I truly believe hard work will pay off, after I finish college and gain my qualifications, along with my passion for the industry I feel I will put myself where I want to be. Take your time, trust in yourself, believe in your ability and don’t give up or feel discouraged, I felt it many a time, but you have every right to success as those working at the top of Sony or your favorite Game Dev company, heck even if I was making tea for Todd Howard and Bethesda, I’d be a happy girl!

There is no master race

Now I feel people get incredibly triggered with this subject, but I am that person who believes there isn’t a master race in terms of which console makes you a ‘real’ or more credible gamer. In terms of graphics cards and hard drives etc, there are those more superior than others (In saying that, Project Scorpio plans to wipe that theory) but just because one person only plays a Playstation 4, doesn’t mean they aren’t as much of a hardcore gamer as Jim over there with his GeForce GTX 1070 super pc. I have had most consoles and was once a PC gamer, however over time I just fused to Playstation and only recently got myself an Xbox one.

There will always be people who want to have a pop at a fellow gamer because of a difference in opinions over a console or game, like the current dislike for Infinite Warfare, I have seen so many toxic conversations over this game and I think to myself, does it honestly matter what somebody else thinks of it? I enjoyed the campaign personally, and I don’t hate the multiplayer but if somebody else truly dislikes the game I’m not going to rip them apart for that. On Facebook game groups you can see people go as far as telling people to “KYS” because they play Call of Duty, I’m probably seeing it from the point of view of somebody who doesn’t like conflict or aggression but to me, It’s a little over the top, fair enough people have a passion for gaming but not everyone will share your views!


All in all, what I’m trying to say is live and let live, game and let game. Fair enough the world needs some debates, discussions and banter but there is certainly a limit. I’m all for having a good heated debate over a game but I’m not one to tell somebody they are wrong and should feel bad that they play a certain game. I hope this post wasn’t too ranty, it’s a step out of the norm for me, let me know what you think!



I’d also like to take this time to thank anyone who has subscribe to the Two Girls Gaming YouTube channel, we hit over 200 subs today!



7 thoughts on “Being a Gamer

  1. Happy Saturday Jet! With the point you have made about debating over consoles and games I get it 100%. When the Xbox One and PS4 were launching I couldn’t get online, Facebook or even go to work without someone wanting to debate on which system was superior. Thank God that has dies down lol. I was like okay everyone is going to have their opinions and personal preferences, can you stop yelling in my ear now? lol.

    One of my gaming goals are to open up a Gamer Bar with one of my best friends Kira (it’s why we started and are continuing the website). It’s great because she is the artistic, creative one and I’m the more business savvy, social one. Together we know that we can make it great and live out our dreams, the only problem for us is well location! I live in Florida and she lives in Illinois. We have to eventually both come out of our comfort zones lol.
    -Luna πŸ™‚


  2. You’re right that acceptance needs to start with us. If we want to be accepted in the community as a whole – or the medium to be accepted as respectable – we need to give that respect to each other. I wrote about the Game Awards a while ago about this, and am putting together my own post about gaming and acceptance, so it’s nice to see your post!

    I also think it’s ironic that the “Glorious PC Master Race” started as a joke by Ben Croshaw from The Escapist, and now it’s become an actual concept that people actually believe…


  3. This post could not be truer!! The gaming community is a HUGE community, and only recently has it started to become more popular. With things like Counter Strike tournaments being on TV and more video games being made into movies etc, the community is becoming widely more accepted. But of course with that, there are always going to be those type of people “I’ve been gaming since I was a kid so I’M the true gamer”, and it’s not cool. We all need to learn to accept each other.
    One of the places I feel at home is conventions, and I actually just got back from one! I started this blog so I can write about cons, cosplay and gaming (among other things) and I think it’s cool that you want a career in gaming. I am a history major and I always thought it would be cool to be that person that gaming companies hire to get accurate historical facts and information for lore. One can dream! I hope you make it to wherever you want to be!


    • Thank you for your input, it’s always appreciated πŸ™‚ Generation gamers who have been there since day one, don’t seem to grasp its not our fault we wern’t born at that time! We are born into the world and whatever console is ‘the console’ at the time is what we will grow to see as our first console, it’s a silly argument to have but, I highly doubt it’ll change we can only hope. Conventions are my happy place along with the cinema, those two places I feel completely at ease with myself knowing the room is full of people with the same or similar interests, nobody is there to judge you, just welcome you to their world. How awesome would that be! To be the one to look into the history behind certain eras which then get adapted into games like The Witcher & Skyrim. So cool! One certainly can dream, it’s better than not dreaming at all! Thank you, I hope you do too, History is a fascinating subject, I bet it rarely gets boring!

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  4. I love playing video games as well, the only problem I have, is finding time to play them! I’m usually busy with writing and reviewing a lot now, so don’t always get lot of time to play, but I do when I can. I agree, I don’t bother with all the debates about different systems ect, its pointless, after all we all enjoy the same games usually. Have fun and happy gaming πŸ™‚


  5. Hey Jet!

    Absolutely love this, your writing style is brilliant and have inspired me to start my own. Agree 100% with the master race, I hope one day everyone can embrace each other’s favourite consoles and just appreciate that all of the companies are part of the same industry and they have the same goal in mind: us. The gamers. Also like you said about the toxic reviews, I wish people could see the love that goes into any game no matter what their flaws are. Even games that are considered the worse, if I had even a fraction of the skill and determination the developers put into them, I’d die a happy chap. Thank you for giving us something to enjoy in your blog, looking forward to your future posts πŸ™‚



  6. I LOVE this post!! And being a girl gamer is just more difficult! i’ve made a post about being a girl gamer and a few others about gaming if you wouldn’t mind checking them out? who cares if fallout4 is the only to play aswell it’s a sick game!

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