Your turn Jet, where have you been?!

I guess I owe some form of explanation as to why I haven’t been around for the best part of a year, so here goes!

It was a rough 2017/Start to 2018, I got myself a job, which I no longer have due to a fairly large hurdle I’ve had to overcome, so for that time I wasn’t writing or gaming as much due to working night shifts, then day shifts and just having no time in between being a mum. I was also in hospital and on IV antibiotics a few times over the last 12 months which set me back quite a bit.

I’d like to say I’m ready and motivated to get back to full swing TGG, but if I’m honest right now, I can’t do that. I have in recent months deleted most of my social media and that I do have, I don’t really use… my social media for quite sometime became more of a toxic place to be, it was shit waking up in the morning having people inbox me asking me if I’d seen the current slams written about me, people getting angry if I didn’t reply to their messages or questions within their expected times, baring in mind I had always stated I have things to do, I am a parent, I had a job, I ran a home… so after much deliberation I decided to take a step back from it all, I can honestly say it’s done me some huge favours, not waking up and thinking ‘oh, I need to take a selfie to let people know I look exactly the same as I did yesterday’ or worrying more about the picture I was going to upload of the days gaming session than actually gaming, or people getting the hump because I didn’t answer their messages whilst I slept.

Now I’m not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with that, if that’s what you wanna do then do it, just because it became something I didn’t want to be part of it doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing, people just handle life differently than others, but I realised it wasn’t making me happy and it wasn’t motivating me, I loved my main Instagram account with my large amount followers I’d worked damn hard to get but the pushy, overbearing attitude of some the community quickly pushed me into an unpleasant place and I don’t regret deleting my accounts, because I know the audience I want, are the ones reading right now, without me promoting my work, without me checking likes and views constantly, spending most of my day caring about how my social media was doing, it was something I enjoyed at the time, but stepping away was  what I needed. None of this is to say I won’t ever return, but I don’t want it currently.

However! What I do miss, is this… Two Girls … I miss writing, I miss putting my passion into words, the games I loved and still love, I miss telling you about them and my opinions, my theories and my expectations of games to come, but guess what’s coming soon? E3! Which means me and Dee will be writing plenty about that, a post each, and OBVIOUSLY mine will be focusing on Fallout 76 at Bethesda’s Conference. But for now that will likely be all you’ll see from me for a while. Slow and steady! I currently have stepped away from Xbox again, I’m primarily on PS4 (mainly Netflix haha) but recently I bought myself a gaming PC, I’d wanted one for a long time and the opportunity arose to invest in one, so I have and I’m glad I did! I miss being on a desktop, so obviously the first thing I purchased on Steam was Fallout 4 for yet another play through, that’ll be every platform then, which was a goal of mine from the start of my Fallout love affair. I’m still not really into multiplayer and if I do, I just like to do it alone, me in my world against the rest of the world, just how I like it. I think RPG open worlds will always be my thing.

So as far as an explanation goes, there it is, the short of it at least, but I am still here, I’m alive and kicking. Thank you to those who have stuck around for us, being patient and still been there when we come back with vague excuses after a year, you da best, anyway… over and out!

Jet x

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