Country roads, take me home!

To the place, I belong, West Virgina, Vault 76!

Now, If I didn’t do a post on Fallout 76, you’d probably question if i’m really alive or if I’ve been abducted and replaced so, I’m going to tell you my thoughts, what I want from it and what I think will go down at E3 with Bethesda.

Online Survival RPG

First off, I want to jump straight onto the multiplayer/ESO style gameplay, because it’s something people are split down the middle by. I don’t want an online Fallout, personally I have such a great love for Fallout because of what it is, it is my own world, when you start introducing an online multiplayer option to a game, it becomes something completely different, more of a competition, more of a have you got what I’ve got, 1v1 me bro, join my squad or die, not being able to find a sqaud at all. Or it becomes a massive flop like ESO and just brings out expansion after expansion just to drag it out so they don’t have to focus on what people really want.

I really, really disliked Tamriel Online, despite being a Skryim fan, much like I am with Fallout, I didn’t gel with it at all and the thought of that happening with Fallout worries me, for others it’s everything they’ve hoped for in the Fallout world but it’s a no from me. The thought of hanging around a Vault with 50 other people in Vault suits on my sever walking up and tea bagging, jumping on top of people, doing a Dab/Hotline bling emote, in my opinion, save that for Fortnite, Destiny, PUBG… not my precious Fallout.


Set in what we can all only assume as West Virginia, hinted massively in the John Denver song from 1971. Vault 76 is mentioned in both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, supposedly filling in a gap between the two games, exploring more into the Nuclear war, with Fallout 4 being at the end of the timeline, due to Lone Survivor being cryogenically frozen, but there is obviously a huge chunk of the story/lore missing and this is what 76 will explore, how we know this is simply from the hint given on the protagonists Pip-Boy with a date that reads Oct. 27, 2102… 185 years before the Lone survivor leaves Vault 111 and 210 years since the Prelude to Fallout 4 began. A quote given in the trailer (much like the famous “War, War Never Changes”) was “When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild” suggesting this is the reclamation of the world after war.

This part, is where my opinion turns back to the online multiplayer. Although we are going to have lone quests and story lines, I worry what I want from Fallout is waiting in a Fallout 5, and that Fallout 76 is actually exactly what I feel it is, ES: Tamriel Online, a side story away from the main timeline, I almost feel it should be called Fallout Online: Vault 76… I am hoping I’m being dramatic and wrong, but as well as being excited to dive back into the Fallout world after putting hundreds of hours into Fallout 4, I have my reservations. Only time and the E3 conference will tell.

E3 Reveal

Bethesda choosing to throw the trailer out there before E3 was a good tactic, although we would have all been on the edge of our seats like we have since the year Fallout 4 was announced, there is always that aching disappointment when they threw another DLC out there or Quake developments, but now we know what to expect, we will all be wide awake, eyes glued to the conference waiting for Todd Howard to do his thing, knowing this time he hasn’t disappointed (I hope not anyway) But we will hopefully know a release date, which I can’t see being for another year, especially as the rumours are that Fallout 5 is currently in the making also, leading me to believe I’m hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the focus on online multiplayer, that Fallout 5 will be a stand alone game just like 4.

So there we have it, my first game post in almost a year, you won’t see much if any of my stuff posted around any social media, but those who have read through, I appreciate it so much! Thank you all,

Jet x




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