E3: Bethesda reveals

SO, as far as the Bethesda conference went on the Fallout 76 front, I wasn’t far wrong… but I really wanted to be. The last post I wrote, I’ve seen plenty of people in saying almost the same thing, word for word. It’s going to be just like ESO. The game play reminded me of Tom Clancy: The Division also, and I did not get on with that game, so I am fearful that Fallout 76 is just going to be a real disappointment, however this is MY personal take on it, that’s just how I am about games going from solely RPG open world to MMORPG.

Being somebody who isn’t into online games much, I was sad to see this is how Bethesda are developing the Fallout franchise, however in the same breath I feel we are going to be expecting Fallout 5, which will continue on the story and I don’t see it being an online multiplayer, so I can wait for that, but I won’t say no to giving 76 a try, I just can’t say I’ll be putting 400+ hours into it as I have Fallout 4.

I think my other worry is how toxic online multiplayer community can be, from experiencing games such as Black Ops III on Xbox live, it’s something you don’t want to happen to your all time favourite game, there becomes a mounting pressure rather than your own personal experience through the journey of the game, it loses it’s beauty.

(Quick addition, I’m gutted they’ll be having Emotes and no doubt purchasable ones at at that)

As far as graphics and game play goes with 76, I don’t doubt this will be second to none, with the capabilities of PS4 Pro & Xbox one X, 4K ready and some of the exquisite PC builds out there, we have been blown away with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn so seeing Fallout in that crisp, beautiful quality will be a sight to behold.

Now, enough of my opinion, let’s get onto the Special edition pre-orders, Beta & release dates and another small details about the game itself, so i’ll bullet point to get through it a little quicker as I’m sure you all already know these parts…

  • There will be sixteen times more detail in the surroundings & is four times the size of Fallout 4.
  • Set in West Virginia, which we know already, is including beasts from Virginian Folk Lore.
  • There is no limit on what you can build and where, what you can nuke and where you can nuke.
  • There will be a photo mode.
  • You can go it alone or venture out in a squad, turn against your fellow surfacing Vault Dwellers or team up with randoms.
  • The special pre order edition includes a wearable Power armour helmet and glow in the dark map.
  • There are PvE and PvP modes (Much to my disappointment)
  • No release date for the Beta as of yet.
  • Game release date rumoured for November 2018.

I’ll tie this up here as this isn’t far different from my last post, other than confirming my fears and a few other details. I’d love to know what you think of Fallout 76 and how it makes you feel having it as an MMORPG, so if you follow us on wordpress leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Jet 🙂

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