Did Nintendo Really Just Kill Luigi?

Luigi has been through some tough times this year and it seems the guy cannot catch a break as he was recently BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED by death himself.

During a recent Nintendo Direct showcasing more characters for the upcoming Smash Bros. title, Luigi gets a small highlight of his own which shows him wandering around Castle Dracula until he comes face to face with Death, who rips his soul straight out of his little body. Honestly, this is heartbreaking to watch.

Nintendo have confirmed that Luigi is not actually dead, but why would they play with my feelings like that? Why would they rip the communities heart into shreds? Why, Nintendo?

But, along with Luigi’s fake (not fake) demise, new characters were added to the roster, like King Dedede, King K. Rool, Daisy, Inkling, Simon Belmont, Ridley, Richter and Dark Samus. Each of these characters have been given their own highlight, so make sure you check them out. A whole bunch of new stages were also unveiled, along with the addition to listen to over 900 tracks from the game on the go. By simply plugging in your headphones while in handheld mode, you will be able to wander around while feeling like a total champ.

Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released for Nintendo Switch on December 7 2018.

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