Here you will find a list of the current Top 10 Indie games chosen by Jet on various platforms, checked back regularly to see updates or new additions to the list!


1. Case Animatronics
Case Animatronics is one of my favorite indie games, it’s
like a mix up between Five Nights At Freddie’s and Alien Isolation
which is full of plenty of jumpscares, you’re detective Bishop and
your mission is the survive the night after the power is shut off in
your local police dept, but you aren’t alone. To find out more or play
Case Animatronics, see below.
Available to buy on Steam, here.


2. Moirai
It’s hard to explain the idea behind this indie horror.
Not your usual jumpscare type of indie, it’s confusing
up until the very end but once you realize what is going
on it’s almost genius. It’s best feature is the graphics 😉
You have to find out for yourself!
Moirai is available to play on Steam, here.


3. Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion
(Previously Spooky’s house of jumpscares)

1,000 rooms… the aim is the explore all 1,000
rooms to win the game. It isn’t 4k graphics, again it’s
a fun little game that you will find more enjoyable than
most £50 games on the market. What’s better is it’s free
and you could probably run it on a potato it’s that simple.
Spooky’s Jump scare Mansion is available to play, here.


4. Happy Wheels
When you think of a game like Happy Wheels, you
think  “Oh, a pleasant game which involves a happy
vehicle of some sort” you’d be wrong if you thought
that. Happy wheels is a gruesome, gore filled, rage quit
type of game, much like QWOP. Anything is possible with
this game, including the fact you can have children attached
to your bike which can be blown to pieces or throw 400ft in
the air. It’s really up to you but it’s fun to play when you need
a really good belly laugh, especially if you have friends with you.
Play Happy Wheels, here.


5. Super Meat Boy
Super meat boy is a game available on Playstation and Xbox consoles.
It’s a cute looking marshmallow at first but you soon realize Meat Boy
is a huge round slab of meat who gets grounded down to burgers every
time you fail him by getting him hurtled into saws/ spiky spinning wheels of fury.
However the complicated controls of this game are a lot to get used to but once you
have the free flow going on and get into the swing of things, it’s addictive and lovable.
You can buy Super Meat Boy for PS4,


6. You Have Ten Seconds
A really simple, fun addicting little free indie game.
With 40 levels to complete you won’t be bored for a while.
You have to bounce your little cube guy across each level
being careful not to fall into spikes, pits, anything you might
consider a threat. Just because I say it’s fun, doesn’t mean it’s
easy so be prepared for a little frustration!
You can download YHTS, here.


7. The Escapists.
Although not my favorite, The Escapists is more light-hearted
game where you get an insight into life in prison, in the form of
a teeny little pixelated character. Your mission is to escape the prison
using the means around you. It’s a very similar style to the early Pokemon
games in terms of character and surroundings design.
Download the escapists on Steam, here.


8. Drop Alive
Drop Alive is a super cute indie game on steam, where you
roll through the levels as a water droplet, with an adorable face!
The art and music in this game are beautifully sweet which makes
for a more relaxed game play. Although fairly new to Steam in December,
Drop Alive has received very positive reviews. There is also a DLC available,
the Deluxe Edition.
Download Drop Alive, here.


9. Super Blue Boy Planet
Super Blue boy is a Pixel graphics, 2D platformer. You mission is to
save your girlfriend who has been captured, you are faced with bosses
along the way in this colorful, otherworldly game which has a total of 21
levels. Much like your Super Mario style gameplay, you’re jumping over
dangerous grounds and avoiding trouble and any creepy crawlies you may
find along the way.
You can download it, here.


10. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Now, although this may potentially be one of the best indies ever, judging by the YouTube videos I have watched of youtubers playing the beta version, I thought I would leave it until last as it has no official release date yet, but devs have estimated around summer time this year. If  you haven’t hear of this game, I strongly suggest you go to YouTube and watch videos of game play especially those done by Markiplier. I had so many belly laughs watching it and I can’t wait to play it. You’re in an open battlefield and must select your army from a list of weapons and soldiers such as canons, trojans and arrows, but the simplicity of the characters is what makes this so funny, the ragdoll features have me in fits of giggles. But you should see for yourself to understand! You won’t regret it.
Visit the Steam page here to see more about TABS.